Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Heroes cover for Olympics - Daily Record

A COVER song by The Script has been chosen as the official track of the 2012 London Olympics.
The Irish trio's version of David Bowie's Heroes has been selected to represent the world-wide event in four years.
The rockers are at No1 in the album chart with their self-titled debut album and at No2 in the singles chart with The Man Who Can't Be Moved.

But they were shocked by the honour because they originally recorded Heroes as a joke.
Drummer Glen Power said: "We were just messing around when we decided to record it and it doesn't even really have a proper drum beat.

"We really just put it together using a foot pedal for the beat."
Singer Danny O'Donoghue added: "We wanted to cover it because we just thought it was a great song. It's the only cover we've ever done and we can't believe it's just been taken on for the Olympics."

The band, who formed in 2001, are shocked at how popular they've become. It took a gig in Scotland for the friends, who used to produce music for The Neptunes, to help them realise they were firmly on the road to success.
Guitarist Mark Sheehan said: "One of the big turnaround points for us was when we toured in Scotland with the Hoosiers.
"We were at the Carling Academy in Glasgow and we got a big shock at the response from the Scots fans.
"There were nearly 2000 people at the gig and they just went nuts for us.

"It was an amazing reaction and we all went out afterwards to celebrate."
The boys were so delighted they even decided to try Scots delicacies haggis and deep-fried Mars Bars.
Mark said: "Glen thought the haggis was lovely - like pudding."

And Mark had another cause for celebration this week when his wife Reena gave birth to their first child.
The couple have been married for three years and met in the US when he and Danny were writing and producing material for other bands as well as The Script.

And the musician told The Razz: "I've roped Danny into being godfather. I'm expecting him to stand in where I can't.
"It'll be a real responsibility considering he is still a child himself. The only other responsibility he has at the moment is his utility bills.

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